Welcome Adventure Campers!

We are so excited about the summer fun that has been planned. I want to welcome new kids to the Just Right Lunch program and to greet my returning friends. Our goal is to provide healthy and delicious meals for your children always using fresh products and portioned to each child, we always serve just enough for the little ones and more for the bigger appetites. The lunches are made on site and can be altered to your child's needs there will always be a second choice for the entree. All lunches come with a side item, fruit, choice of water, milk, or juice, and a small dessert everyday. Please let us know about any allergies or food sensitivities.

There are a couple of ways to sign up, you may sign up for the month, week or just for certain days. In a pinch you can let me know that morning that you need a lunch that day with payment due the following day. You may fill in a calendar in the school office with payment or you can order online and drop off payment in office. Payments for lunch can be made weekly or just count the number of desired lunches and pay the entire amount. Lunch is $5.00 a day, payment is due the week before lunch is served please keep track of the days that you have selected so your child is not confused also be prompt about payments I am in food service not in collections, my job is to make the kids happy with deliciousness.

The calendar lists the 'main meal' sides and fruit change everyday, the desserts will also vary, lighter when the entree is heavier and something like chocolate pudding on 'lighter days'. The only week that I am not listing is the Around the World week because we are going to serve different "child friendly" dishes from the continents they are learning about each day with some hands on choices, we will also have a couple of guest chefs from different countries to help with menu, the kids will get assemble crepes with Mrs. McDonald from franc who will show them how to make them. I encourage everyone to sign up for this week, and I promise that your children will have fun and get to at least taste of amazing food, even if they end up with a turkey sandwich or grilled cheese.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to feed your child.